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Oxygen Filled Container plan disappeared

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

I was crafting oxygen filled containers and I had built 3 of them then the plan disappeared. Is there a countdown on the number of times a plan can be used?

I was at hab Alpha when it disappeared. I then discovered Hab Gamma and when i checked out the crafting area it was back. I returned to Hab Alpha and it was back there also. (I assume that since the plans are globally available that the specific habitat probably doesn't matter). Anyway it is back now and I was able to use it again.

You can only fill canisters as long as there's enough reserve oxygen left in the habitat (filling one draws 50L from the reserves). Filling 3 draws a total of 150L, and the Reoxygenator usually has a reserve capacity in the 150-300L range unless you add more storage tanks.

So my guess would be that you drained the reserves below 50L, and the crafting plan got temporarily disabled because you had not enough oxygen left to fill another one.

To avoid confusion (assuming indeed this was the reason), some kind of notification would be useful to indicate that not enough oxygen is left to fill more canisters.

Yeah - i definitely drained the oxygen and i suspected that might be the reason. I think it would be better for the plan to stay visible but unable to be used until there is enough oxygen with a notification message indicating what the issue is.

Under review

I'll think of ways to make this more obvious. Not a bug, as has been mentioned, but I'll think about your suggestion.