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Confusion: couldn't add water to the consumables inventory even though there was space

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

I tried to add water to the habitat consumables and i was given a message indicating that the water reserves were full (or something to that effect). It was a little confusing at first since the inventory had space. I think it is because water is represented as a bottle icon and I assumed it was discrete units and not just a "representation" of volume. Maybe change the icon to a water drop or maybe represent water differently within the habitat inventory management system. Not a big deal - just a suggestion. 

Under review

This is something I have wondered about myself. I like all the items having "physical" icon representations, but I agree that perhaps an "abstract" representation in this case might be warranted. I'll think about how I can compromise on this. I'm considering separating the water reserves from the storage completely. This way you could store bottles of water in the hab storage with storage space being the only concern, then you could "withdraw" water from the reserves by using the tap in the kitchen or the bathroom and put it in bottles.

I like the idea of water being represented independently of "inventory" like oxygen and power. I guess my only comment on how you would "withdraw" water is that I am ok with doing it as long as I don't have to do it 10 times to get 10 units of water.

I was thinking that it would still "convert" into bottles in your inventory when you withdraw it, but you would access the withdraw option separate from the storage units by clicking on the kitchen faucet or something like that. Then it would be like a storage unit specifically for water that you would withdraw in any quantity you choose.

I'd also support this method of converting water from "mass storage" form, like Oxygen or Power, into discrete "physical" inventory intems. It would also lessen the issue of storage space, since currently the water system tries to generate up to 60 bottles of water into the Hab storage, taking up a good portion of the already rather limited storage space.

(In my current game, but also in previous ones, I have serious storage issues; I have all three habitats filled with stuff and that's without having brought most of what I found back; by now I have dozens of locations photographed but had to left unemptied all over the place simply because there is no storage space left to put the content into, so no point in trying to pick up the contents in the first place.)

Well, the way the water bottles currently work in the hab storage should not be impacting the storage space. But I see your point about needing more space in general.