Hab reserve power doesn't seem to charge while resting during daytime

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

Apparently Hab reserve power is not getting charged according to how much time went by when you rest during daytime. This is especially a problem when you take a longer rest period that starts before sunrise and (with possible short breaks) ends after sunset, since you may end up running out of power during the night. (And while I havent specifically paid attention to it this time, but it may actually be true for the water and oxygen production too.)

I'm not sure if it's a factor in this, but I noticed this to happen with a Hab at which the Electrical system is powered only by an RTG but no solar panels, while the rest of the systems are powered by a sufficient amount of panels. It may also worth noting that while an RTG should be generating elecrticity regardless of time of day, it appears to follow the same daylight cycle the solar panels do, as the Electrical subsystem switches to not charging/not meeting demand mode at sunset as if it was powered by solar panels, despite being actually powered by an RTG.

Under review

Good catch. This was probably a result of the partial rework I did to revise charging rates, etc. I'll take a look.

Just occurred to me that the same thing might happen during crafting, especially items which require a considerable amount of time to make. I did not specifically test it, so it may not be the case, but it might be worth checking regardless to make sure that both "time skip" situations work correctly.


As far as I have tested, I believe I've rectified the issues you've listed here. I believe what was happening was this: When sleeping it would not actually add to the time-of-day until after doing all the module outputs/battery charging. So some of those outputs were dependant on the time-of-day that you started sleeping and that would not update if slept over a long period. In the case of the reserve battery, it would not charge if you started sleeping when it was dark out, even if you slept until the sun came out, because the sun was not out when you started sleeping. Now, for each "tick" of module outputs it is recalculating the sunlight available, etc, and it should charge appropriately.

And you were correct that RTG generation at night was not working properly. This should be fixed also.