"Manage suit" screen in exterior airlock room may show incorrect Hab values

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 7

Under certain circumstances, the "Manage suit" display, when accessed from the exterior version of the airlock room may show Hab resource levels from another, previously visited Hab instead of the one the player is currently interacting with.

Here's what I did when I noticed it:

  1. Go to a Hab other than you are starting from and will return in the end to check the issue. (That other Hab may sldo need to be offline, mine was in this specific case, and didn't test if online/offline status makes a difference or not.)
  2. Enter that other hab to the interior version, then exit again. During exiting, note the reserve power and oxygen levels when you are presented with the EVA prep screen.
  3. Go back to the initial Hab, go into the airlock room but do not enter the hab interior.
  4. Interact with either Hab status screens, and note the power and oxygen levels displayed on the "summary" screen (the one that shows all system states).
  5. From the summary screen, open the Manage suit screen.
  6. Here you should see different Hab reserve oxygen and power levels than what the summary screen showed, and the levels shown in the Manage suit screen should be the same what you saw on this screen when exited from the "other" Hab in step #2. Transferring resources between suit and Hab here also uses these incorrect values (as in, they do not update to what they should be for this Hab), and you may actually be interacting with the previous habitat "remotely" instead of the one you're at (haven't tested this yet).
  7. When you enter the Hab interior, interacting with the status screen there will show the correct values on the Manage suit screen. If you exit to the exterior version of the airlock, it will now also show the values for this Hab, not the previously visited one.

Upon further testing, the issue description can be simplified as this: the Manage Suit screen accessed from the exterior version of any Hab will show the values from the last Hab which you have been inside of. It may still be related to one of the two Habs involved being offline, but the offline hab does show the values of the online one and the other way around (if the offline Hab is entered before returning to the online one).


Thanks. I should be able to get this fix in with the dust storm update before the end of the week.

75 minutes from reported to fixed internally. That's some response time! :)

Haha, sometimes it's nice to get these kinds of bug reports while I'm working on other more complicated stuff. I can take a break from the hard stuff and fix something concrete quickly so it feels like I've actually accomplished something :)

I have found another occurrence of this issue. Right after starting a new game and before entering the Alpha Hab for the first time, opening the Manage Suit screen from the status consoles in the exterior airlock room will show 0 Oxygen and Power in the Hab reserves while the summay srceen shows non-zero values for them.

Having entered the Hab, the Manage Suit screen will show the correct values when opened from the inetrior consoles, and exiting back to the exterior version will also be correct afterwards.

Yeah, I noticed this too. Will be in hotfix soon.