Not a bug

Scanner HUD icons produce "visor flare"

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

When the scanner is active, the location icons produce "visor flare" effects similar to sunlight or other external light sources do. It's the most noticeable at night while a white location icon is currently in the field of view and the field of view is being moved around.

It isn't necessarily a bug, more like an implementation issue: since these icons are projected onto the inside of the helmet visor, they shouldn't create these flare effects as those are the results of external light being scattered on scratches/dust/etc present on the outer surface of the visor.

Not a bug

Yeah, unfortunately this is just a byproduct of the camera image effect. I can't currently exclude the highlight shapes from the effect with how things are rendered.