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Habitat Alpha - Occasional spawn issue

Lillian Winter 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

I had just started a new game to test out the updates I've missed recently. Upon reaching habitat alpha, and testing the systems, I ran into an immediate problem that would force me to start a new game.

The oxygenator had only one storage tank, and so did the water reclaimer. That isn't a problem on its own, however..

The water reclaimer's storage tank was broken from the start, rendering the entire module non-functional.

Did you check what's in the Hab storage? I think I had a similar situation with the only heating element in the Heater broken, but there was a spare in Hab storage. My case may have been due to a "failsafe" that spawns whatever is critically needed to ensure Hab Alpha can be powered up, or it may have been only luck and you can get such a failed start condition currently.

Could not replicate

There is a failsafe in place, but it should actually place the needed replacement directly in your inventory upon spawning. You should never be in a position where you must restart the game because you don't have the necessary components to get hab alpha back online. If you started the game with a broken storage tank in one of the units you should have had a functional bladder tank in your inventory to replace it with. If someone can confirm that there is indeed an issue with randomized starting component failures then I will reopen this report.