[0.58b] (Some) Dust storm effects are visible in the exterior airlock room

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

Some of the dust storm effects, especially the "graining" and the variable density fine dust (that brownish haze which has some "density ripples" in it) is visible in the exterior version of the airlock room. The dust blown particles (the darker, fast moving distinct dots/streaks) seem to disappear correctly once in the airlock room.

Partially related, that the sound of dust hitting the EVA suit (helmet?) also doesn't go away when inside the airlock room even though there should be no wind in there.


I did accommodate for the issues you mention here, but I was only testing them at a single airlock location and forgot to propagate them to all the other habitats. The audio and visual dust storm effects should now react as you would expect in the full release now that I've checked all habitats.

This issue appears to be back in 0.61b, at least in the East hab. Might worth rechecking all of them, just in case.

The effect fade out volume was incorrectly placed in the east hab. I've fixed that one now and I'm checking the rest also. Fix will be in public release of 0.61.