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Allow rovers to be recovered and used for recon.

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by Mr. Fusion 3 years ago 2

Allow rovers to be recovered and used for recon. I would suggest autonomous recon by setting some waypoints and have it note on the datapad when it discovered points of interest, you could keep it simple and just say "there is something at location x, y" but no indication what it is.

Under review

That is certainly something I would love to do with the smaller scout rovers that you can find. I'll be experimenting with different possibilities when I get to working on the driveable rovers as well.

I had a similar idea, only more along the lines of item transportation. The Drill Rover, since it has some storage space, after some in-site repair/repurposing could become an autonomous transport vehicle which can be set to travel to any discovered location on its own and wait there until further (local) command. Then the player would also go there eventually, fill the storage space of the rover with, for example, items from a resource site, then command the rover to move to any other location (eg. to a habitat for later unloading) where it would again wait.

Rovers could break or run out of power en-route (or even encounter terrain which it can't negotiate and would have to be given new commands locally or helped along by some local control method), which would then require the player to go to them and fix the issue so that they can continue.