Just a Question on Update

MarsWalker 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

So I saw the new update and wanted to play again. The Long Dark just launched their story mode and I was pretty much occupied with that lately but want a little break from it now, so this is just the ticket :) So I started a new game but I picked localized storms but does that present any more danger? Because I do want more danger, lol. I'll pick option three...big storms, if option two is pretty mild. But if option two is fairly dangerous as well, I'd like to ease into it before doing the big storms game. Not sure if you'll know what I'm asking or not, lol. Trying to find the correct way of forming the question.


The simple answer is that yes, the standard mode with randomized dust storms is still more dangerous than none at all. Basically every day there is a chance that a dust storm will spawn and that chance increases every day up to a 100% chance by Sol 50. So you will be guaranteed to have a dust storm by Sol 50, but likely sooner than that. It gives you a chance to get your habitats in order hopefully in time before the first storm hits.

The big storm mode is just a slightly larger storm that hits within the first few sols, so you don't have as much time to prepare.

Whoooohooooo, that sounds fantastic! I'll start with the localized storms, like I already have, and then try big storms. Would be nice if we could play two separate games at once, but I'm not complaining, at all. I still adore this game very, very much. There are a few games about Mars out there now but this is the only one that interests me. The realism is what draws me to survival gaming. Thank you for sharing your vision with us <3

Thank you for playing! I have so much more I hope to add to the game over time, so I really appreciate your support throughout the process and lending your feedback.

I'll be here. I've got some big games coming up in the fall. The Evil Within 2, the Dishonored 2 expansion and also more Long Dark story mode episodes, but sometimes I just gotta get my spacesuit rockin'  ♥♥♫♪Hey Hey, it's time for EVA♪♫•*¨*  :D