Crash when entering or exiting habitat

Jarl Arntzen 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 14

This has happened twice so far. Had to force quit it both times. I did not do anything special, just tried to enter or exit the habitat with my flashlight switched on.

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Are you on Mac or PC? Did it crash or just freeze? When you say you had to force quit does that mean that the game just froze on the black loading screen?


When reporting an error of any kind, especially a game crash, it is very useful to see the game log output file. The log file can be found in the "Lacuna Passage_Data" folder (which is alongside the exe) and is named "output_log.txt". On Mac it is located in "~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log". If your game crashes, do not relaunch the game immediately or it will overwrite the previous log file. Copy the file to a different location first and then upload it here as an attachment to your topic.

Ok. I'm on OSX/Mac. Here is the Player.log. I'll try to replicate the error shortly.

Thanks for sharing your log file. It appears that your machine hit a ram memory issue. You said that this can occur when entering and when exiting? Or does it only occur in one of those instances?

It looks like this particular log file shows a crash just as you start the game without entering or exiting a habitat. Is that correct?

Until now it has happened once when entering and once when exiting. Seems the interior model loads before the exterior is cleared out (and vice versa). I did have quite a few things open when trying the game so that's probably why it hit a memory limit. I will try to crash the thing again with less other stuff open.


Thanks for the additional details. I will double check the loading and unloading code. I may be able to optimize it a bit more.


By the way, the next update (probably coming the 1st of April) will include the saving and loading feature so you will be able to continue testing more features without the fear of losing all your progress during a crash. Thanks so much for your excellent reports.


I've made some small adjustments to the way habitat loading works in the upcoming v0.51, so it would be great if you could report back with your experiences after the updated becomes available.

That's good news. I'll test again when the update becomes available.

Right now it crashes quite reliably on exiting the habitat on "Simple" quality. I'll look forward to the update.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but the build that was distributed was only 32bit. The next build release on April 1st will be a Mac Universal build which should run as 32bit on x86 systems and as 64bit on x86_64 systems. That might help with the issues you are experiencing.

I'd like to know if this issue has been resolved with v0.51 which should now be available for download on your Humble account. I made several adjustments to the habitat loading sequence and the Mac build is now a Universal build as I described above. Would love to hear from anyone who was experiencing this issue.

I can confirm that this now works beautifully for me. I've tried entering, exiting now on all graphical settings up to "Beautiful". Not a hitch :D


Glad to hear it. Thanks so much for helping to test this!