Fuses Frying More Often?

MarsWalker 3 years ago updated by wrongwayjerry 3 years ago 5

Within the first 6 sols I've had about 7 or 8 fuses fry instantly upon installing and 3 in a row for a way station where I was on a time crunch and didn't have time to now repair a slot at zero integrity. I only wanted to install one at the way station. Is this the norm now? Or is it just my bad luck?

In a short, 7-8 sols session I haven't noticed any change in component deterioration rate. Did you, by any chance try to insert fuses while the unit was powered up? That tends to immediately break the slot and also destroy the component you tried to install. It's intended behaviour, as noted in the unit operation manuals; any electrical component needs to be replaced with the unit powered off.

It didn't destroy anything else, only the fuses fried upon installing additional fuses and only the fuse I was installing fried, but no, I didn't power it down first since I didn't get the fuses frying much before the update. So you are saying that you yourself will repair everything first and then power the unit on?


Only the component being installed while the power is on has a chance to break immediately. That's probably what you were experiencing. I haven't changed the degradation rates.

Okay, thanks. Makes perfect sense. I never experienced too much frying before so it didn't really click. First thing I do is turn something on and then go and repair it's components. How ass-backward is that? lol You'd never do that irl so I don't know why I thought it was okay in the game. Gave myself a disadvantage already in my game, hahaha. I'm an idiot.


I am doing the exact same thing. Maybe we need a more forceful incentive to do things the "right" way. Like perhaps a potentially lethal shock from trying to repair something that is powered on. Not joking. IRL, I would never replace an electrical outlet with the power on. I was thinking about this as a game and since there is no real consequences I didn't change my behavior.