How many remote outposts are there?

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I have found two and did not get the achievement. Probably because I found them prior to achievements being available.


There is one in each of the general four corners of the map. And yes, I believe you will need to find one again now after the achievements have been added.

Loaded a new game, found a remote outpost didn't get the achievement. The achievement does say temporary outpost so either i need to keep looking or there is a bug.

Hmm. I'll take a look. It could be a similar issue to the drill rovers where it is not "seeing" it properly. There are two different types of outposts. Remote outposts are the ones in the corners of the map with the pop tents. Temporary outposts are just small supply caches that also have oxygen tank light stands.

Ok - this is the one with the pop tent.