Hab system power drops to 0% during storm

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

The power level / charge rate of all hab systems, regardless of how many solar panels are installed, drop to 0% in a storm affected area, while the portable solar panel still charges at the expected very low rate as it did in the previous version.

The patch notes mention a change to power production while in a storm, but not that the 15% charge cap has been reverted and the storm completely shuts down power generation again.


You are correct. Previously the solar power at each hab location was identical to the solar power at your player position, which would be incorrect if you were halfway across the map from the hab where power should be calculated. I fixed this in 0.59 so that the power at each hab location was relative to the local distance to the storm rather than the player's distance to the storm, but I forgot to remap the values to limit them to a lower bound of 15%. This will be fixed soon.

This issue still appears to be present in 0.60, systems show 0% with as much solar capacity installed as possible (4 large and 1 small is the most I had in this case), while the portable panel is able to charge the suit very slowly as intended.

Under review

Damn. Sorry. I'll take a look. It's possible I did not re-enable the fix after other testing.


I think I did actually fix it now, so hopefully in an update soon.