Game resolution changes to that of the desktop when Alt-Tabbing

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 6

On Windows, if the game is set to a different resolution/aspect ratio that the OS desktop, Alt-Tabbing from the game then switching back causes the game to change its resolution to match the desktop. The change isn't only to the rendering surface, it actually changes the resolution value set in Options/Display too.

It's also worth noting that it takes several clicks (2-3) to actually change the resolution value in Options/Display, as if each resolution setting would have several entries in the list to click through before you reach the next setting, except for where the list loops over from highest to lowest resolution or the other way around.

Under review

I'm guessing that this is a result of upgrading Unity to the latest version. I'll check what might have happened to the resolution options in the transition.


In the version I uploaded to Steam I was able to recreate the issue of the list not incrementing properly, but I was not able to recreate the alt-tabbing issue. For some reason though, I can't seem to recreate the incrementing issue in the editor while testing. Which makes it much harder to pinpoint the issue, but I think I'll be able to figure it out eventually.

It may be an important factor that I get this in a situation where the game resolution is set to lower (1280x960) than the OS desktop (1280x1024) so after Alt-Tabbing it changes upwards. It's possible that this happens only in this case (lower->higher) and you may have tested in other situations.

I have now been able to recreate the alt-tabbing issue. Both seem like they might be bugs with Unity that I will have to code around. Might take me a little while to test since it requires a full build every time I try a fix, but I should be able to get this sorted out.

I don't know if this was worked on and partially addressed, but the behaviour slightly changed so that the resolution now seems to be reset only when entering / leaving a habitat after having used Alt-Tab, and not immediately and every time when switching back to the game from the desktop.

I'll have to take another look at this next week.