Remote Outpost missing scanner marker

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

The Remote Outpost at Lat 283.016, Lon -6.5228 doesn't display its white scanner marker from any distance, not even when standing right next to it. The crates around it do display their blue markers properly from about the right distance.

It also had a strange discovery behaviour: it only triggered the "discovered" message when I looked specifically at the entrance area of the pop tent, but it was not actually added to the map at this time. I continued on to the closest WayStat (which was the first one in this game so navigation was offline when I reached the outpost), and when I activated it, the outpost location appeared on the map, but it still didn't have the scanner marker.

(I'm actually not quite sure if locations are added to the map when navigation is offline, but the landing site and the first hab does get added without navigation being online at the beginnign of a game.)


It looks like the scanner markers for all Remote Outposts may have been deleted accidentally. They should be back in the next patch. I also fixed the visibility collider for the pop tents so that they are discoverable from all sides when approaching. The markers not appearing on your map should also be fixed.