Remote Outpost / Pop Tent interior temp far below zero

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Is the interior temp of the pop tent at remote outposts (and likely self deployed tents too?) supposed to be extremely low (I'd say, maybe half of the current external temperature)? When I entered one at a remote outpost in the middle of the night, the Vitals sceen showed a -45 C temperature while inside, but I was clearly not wearing the EVA suit as most of it was on the ground next to the sleeping bag. So how did I survive sleeping a few hours in -45 C without the suits heater?

Given the presence of the small life support system attached to the remote outpost tents, I'd say its internal temp should be at least somewhat above zero, even if not at +20 C like in the habs.

As for the self deployed tents, I'm yet to be able to make one so I don't know what it comes with. If it also has some kind of life support system (although I'd say that's quite a big piece of machinery to lug about so it shouldn't), then the same should go for that too, and if it doesn't have life support, then the whole EVA suit shouldn't be visibly removed while inside one, only the helmet (and maybe the gloves?) part, and the suit should provide both oxygen and heating. An added feature could be that since the tent is likely well insulated, the temperature could slowly rise and thus the suit heater would have to use less and less power during prolonged stays.


This is a detail that I will address eventually. I kind of just glossed over the realism of it in order to get pop tents out and working because I wanted to prioritize the ability to save your game while on an EVA. I'll get back around to this in time.