Datapad may be in incorrect position after loading a "pop tent save"

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

Continuing the game from a save made by resting in an outpost / pop tent can cause the Datapad to be in a weird position when brought up, off screen to the right, up, and about 45 deg tilted so only about two thirds of it is visible. It looks somewhat as if it was "frozen" in an offset position which is normally seen when falling off heights/jumping/etc with the Datapad up.

It only happens under specific circumstances:

  1. Make a save by resting in a pop tent.
  2. Exit the pop tent.
  3. Quit to the main menu, then go to Sandbox > Continue to reload the save.
  4. Bring up the datapad by any hotkey while inside the pop tent, and it will be in the incorrect position.
  5. Quit to the main menu again without leaving the pop tent.
  6. Go to Sandbox > Continue to reload the save.
  7. Bring up the datapad by any hotkey while inside the pop tent, now it will be in the correct position.
  8. Leaving the pop tent then quitting and reloading will break the Datapad again, and so on across #2-#7.

Apparently some state data is not purged / reinitialized correctly between game sessions, and when loading a save made on the pop tent map, this leftover something, which is present only while on an exterior map (reloading a save when the previous session was on the pop tent interior map doesn't do this) causes some kind of interference.

Actually, after exiting from the game completely, restarting it then loading such a save will also have the Datapad in the broken state, so it's not some stuck data afterall between leaving and and not leaving the tent. But it does get fixed if the same save is loaded a second time without leaving the tent.


Yeah, this was an order-of-operations that resulted in the character controller thinking that it was falling even though it was locked in place. I've fixed it for the next patch update. Thanks for catching it.