Not a bug

Habitat door

Sven_Q45 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

When I open the inner habitat door and do nothing sometimes it closes by itself again. I reproduced it another time. So 2 times.

Not a bug

This is intended. It closes automatically if you move away from it or if it is left open for too long.

Ah, ok. Only a few seconds but hey. :) Sorry I didn´t find something new. ;) :)

Now the door closed while I was leaving. It closed after only a few seconds (it shouldn´t do that in that short time I´d say) But while the door closes I can get through it.

Under review

Thanks for the report. I believe the way it currently works is if you are a certain distance from the door it will close automatically after a set timer. If you are closer to the door however, it will stay open indefinitely. I can experiment with the timer and distance, or just disable the auto-closing when leaving the habitat until after you have exited the airlock.

Not a bug

Marking this as "Not a bug" for the time being. It's intended, but I may change the functionality if more people dislike the current closing timer.