Using LMB to select component to install causes selection highlight to disappear

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

When you use the left mouse button as the "Confirm" input while trying to install a system component, the selection highlight will disappear when the bottom of left side panel switces to the Install/Cancel selection and you need to abort the process by switching to another screen or lowering the Datapad to get it back:

  1. Click on an empty slot you have a suitable component for.
  2. Navigate the selection to "Replace Component", but use LMB to activate it instead of Enter.
  3. (Navigate to the suitable comonent and ) Use LMB to select the component to install.
  4. The selection highlight disappears, as opposed to jumping to the Install option as it would if Enter was used to select the component.

I had erroneously enabled a checkbox labeled "Mouse Input Supported" for the input system that I'm using, thinking it would be necessary if I had actions assigned to mouse buttons, but what is actually happening is that it is interpreting the mouse location and thinking that it is not over a button when it is pressed and so you are effectively not clicking on the button. Disabling that checkbox seems to still allow the mouse button to act as an input without using the mouse pointer location and has fixed this issue. Thanks. I'll get the fix out soon.