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I still die. I only found one habitat everytime. I found other things, collected many stuff to eat but it was to late to go back. The vitals were low. That you can only eat in the habitats raises the difficult level.

Oh will there be different difficult levels?

Under review

I converted this comment to its own topic.

Different difficulty levels are a feature I'm looking into, but I haven't figured out how I would go about it yet. Can you tell me what you died from? It should take quite a long time to die from hunger. Death from dehydration would be faster. And death from lack of oxygen comes fastest. If you are at 50% or less oxygen you should really consider returning to the habitat. If you walk towards the outer edges of the map you may be dying from exposure to radiation (which is our way of keeping players from getting to the edge of the map).

The three randomized habitats are fairly spread out and should be a small challenge to find. I can confirm that each one can be reached with a single tank of oxygen from the previous habitat, provided that you know which general direction to go in (which can be confirmed via your scanner when you are within a certain range of a new habitat).

Right now I'm going for a bit more realism by not allowing you to eat while on an EVA. I may make a change that would allow you to drink from your pack via a tube in your suit, but I haven't done that yet because I wanted to see how difficult it was without it first. Finding more WayStats should help you to find other habitats and points-of-interest easier by extending the range of your scanner.

Yes eating is easier. I collected very much on my last trip. Most of it was bad body condition. I´ve found 3 oxygen tanks so it wasn´t a big deal.

Nice idea with the radiation zones. So it looks realistic and not with those "invisible walls" you have in many games.

Suggestion would be that the remote outposts you find can be spots for you to eat and drink. Then you could stay out for quite a while if you got a few oxygen packs, food and water. However I'm guessing that's the plan, just not implemented yet.


You are correct that those remote outposts will eventually be places you can rest and eat/drink. And eventually they will be shelter from dust storms. I also plan to have temporary deployable pop tents that will serve similar functions.

Yes that´ll be good.


I'm marking this as "Declined" simply because I don't have plans to change the difficulty much before launch, but I'll definitely still be taking specific suggestions about ways the game could be improved. I'm still considering the option to drink while on EVA.