HUD bobbing is "twitchy"

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

The HUD bobbing feature added in 0.61.2 tends to be, for the lack of a better description, "twitching": on top of the normal random smooth "swaying" motion it also jumps small amounts (10-20 pixels, maybe?) in random directions in a non-fluid way. It happens both while in motion and standing still, and I feel as if it's slightly affected by the terrain the player character is standing on, a bit more frequent when standing/moving on slopes.

It also happens very often when left clicking on objects and using Enter or LMB to activate Datapad buttons or select inventory items, resulting, for example, the HUD jittering all around when moving a large number of items quickly between inventory and container.


Yeah, I kinda pushed out the HUD bobbing effect before it was well tested. I'm working on improvements. Most of the jitter is coming from framerate hiccups that I'm also addressing.


I've implemented a maximum travel between frames so that it shouldn't jump too much even during framerate hiccups. In my testing it appears to be much smoother now. Will be in next update.