Random dust storms may have been deactivated?

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

In a game which I started in 0.61 then carried over through 0.61.1 and 0.61.2, I'm not getting any random storms in the Big Storm scenario after the initial one, even though I'm now on sol 24 and I'm almost certain that in previous games storms occurred maybe 8-12 sols apart.

Having looked into the .verify files in the save folder, I'm seeing a "dustStormRandomActive = False" line two lines up from the bottom, while in previous saves which I've archived for bug reporting, this line was always "True".

Since I cannot tell if it happened because I carried this save over several versions, or the random storms have been accidentally disabled somehow, I've not posted this as a bug, although even if it was caused by carrying saves over, this feels like something that should not be a problem to keep/restore between version changes so it might worth looking into it anyway.


"dustStormRandomActive = False" just means that there is no dust storm currently active anywhere on the map. Though, I did look into the code and it appears that the increasing chance of seeing a random dust storm is not properly being saved between sessions. So, if you continued playing long enough you should indeed see another dust storm during your playthrough, but if you quit the game before one is spawned then it is resetting the chance of one spawning to a low value. Obviously this is unintended so I will make sure that the chance for one to spawn is saved between game sessions of the same save file. I've converted the topic to a bug.


This should be fixed for the next update.