Days are too short

prismaticq 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

I feel like days pass by Waaaay to quickly. This is particularly noticeable at sunrise/sunset, but when im just walking around it feels like not much time has passed between sunrise an sunet.

Since it seems that you are making 1 hr = 1 min, 1 day = 24 min. I would like to see 1 day = 1hr, perhaps even 2hr.

Also it would be neat if the clock went to 24:40 before resetting for a day, since a day is 40 minutes longer on Mars. Of course perhaps we are just using Mars minutes.


Sols do last for 24:40 (or so) in game time.

As for the ratio of game time vs. real time, I kinda agree with it being a bit too fast, given the amount of time things like various UI interactions take. I mean, on a normal in game day I get up around 4-5 AM, eat, drink, restock suit water supply, swap out a few oxygen canisters if any, take a look at the hab reserves, then head out to do maintenance and possily go to do some exploring. And by the time I step out of the airlock, it's already past 7-8 AM, so something that would reasonably take something like 20-40 minutes in real time (not counting in cycling the airlock, so let's allow some time for that too), takes 3-4 hours in game time, mostly because of the number of UI interactions required vs. the rate at which game time goes by during the real time needed for them.

The same goes for things like moving items from a discoverable container to suit inventory. In real time, it would take only a few minutes, but in game time it'll take hours, literally, to pick up a few dozen items from a box.


I think a lot of this problem will be rectified when I revise some of the datapad UI to be more time efficient. I'm working on parts of that right now.

Just wanted to add a me too. I agree, the timescale is too fast. It breaks the immersion. If I wanted time to go by fast like that, I could sleep in a bunk or something. I think it should be configurable, if possible. Personally, I'd want to set it pretty close to real time.


1 day now does roughly equal 1 hour.