[0.62b1] Issues with the "tilted" Datapad position

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

When the datapad is accessed while already moving, it doesn't go all the way into the "tilted" position, but stops in the "far" position (the one that is used for non-widescreen).

If the player starts moving when the datapad is in the "far" position while going through the tilted->far->fully zoomed transition, it will remain in the "far" position until the player stops, allows it to come up to fully zoomed, then starts moving again, at which time it will properly go all the way down to the tilted position.

As in:

  1. While standing still, bring up the datapad, start moving and move long enough for the datapad to get lowered to the tilted position.
  2. Stop moving for a moment until the datapad starts to come back up to fully zoomed.
  3. Start moving again when it's in the middle, "far" stage of the transition.
  4. It will stay in this state, instead of going back to the tilted position, as long as you keep moving.

Yeah, I noticed this too, but hadn't gotten the fix in yet. Will be in 0.62 public release soon.

The first issue doesn't appear to be fixed in 0.62. Bringing up the datapad while already moving causes it to appear in the "far" position and it doesn't move to the "tilted" poisiton from there.


Ah shoot, you're right. I was working on the fix for that and got interrupted. Came back and assumed I finished it. Doh. I'll get that in soon.


Got this fixed for the update going up in the next 24 hours.