Small Question

MarsWalker 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

Did my suit battery charge up fully upon being in the hab? Or am I imagining that?


If the hab battery was already full then yes, it will then charge your suit battery directly.

Okay cool, yeah I think it was, but I never use the hab to recharge the battery so when I exited and had full battery I was kind of surprised that it was fully charged. Awesome.

Still haven't found a rover, lol. Found lots of stuff so far though. I'm trying to remember now if we could go from menu to menu seamlessly before? I mean change to different menus with the quick select keys.? Whatever I'm looking at won't let me change to something else unless I exit first and then go then go to it. Eg. If I'm looking at the Nav and then want to look at weather, I have to first exit Nav and then go to weather. Was that the way it always was? Seems to me just hitting a quick select key brought that menu up right away, idk?

Hmm, that definitely should not be happening with the quick select menu keys. I'll look into it.