Not a bug

Quick select keys not working for datapad

MarsWalker 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Still haven't found a rover, lol. Found lots of stuff so far though. I'm trying to remember now if we could go from menu to menu seamlessly before? I mean change to different menus with the quick select keys.? Whatever I'm looking at won't let me change to something else unless I exit first and then go then go to it. Eg. If I'm looking at the Nav and then want to look at weather, I have to first exit Nav and then go to weather. Was that the way it always was? Seems to me just hitting a quick select key brought that menu up right away, idk?

The quick select buttons do work. Only not successively. If you know what I mean? Say Nav is 'T' and Weather is 'V', I click T to see Nav, then have to exit and then click V to see Weather. I can't just click V while in the Nav screen and it go directly to Weather. It's no biggie, I can deal, no hurry.

Not a bug

I think what's happened is that you have different key bindings for the different control options. I still haven't figured out the perfect solution to this, but you can set one key binding to open the the navigation screen while the datapad is unequipped and another to open the navigation screen while the datapad is already equipped. I know that's not very intuitive, but it gives players the most freedom to set things the way they want them. Check your control key bindings.

Okay, I will, thanks. I must have screwed something up. Going to Mars in a few minutes.

Okay, you were right! For some reason my datapad keys were all screwed up. I hadn't even checked that. It works now. So sorry for bothering you with this.