Displayed repair time doesn't match actual time taken

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

The game time that goes by while repairing system slots appears to be about 4 times as much as the repair message says, eg. 10 minutes being displayed will result about 40 minutes passing.

On a related note, maybe now with the changed time scale there'd be more headroom to set different (maximum) times for repairing different slots, some being simpler (such as fuse slots) while others likely more complex (eg. circuit board slots, RTG cradles etc.), maybe in the 10-60 minutes range or so?

Under review

Thanks. I'll check on this.

This actually seems to be some general issue with how the timescale is applied when "skipping" time, since resting does the same, eg. setting 1 hour rest time will result in 4 hours passing, but 1 hour worth of calories are used (as far as I could tell).

I suspect it also affects hab system resource production and electricity use while in "time skip" mode, and the rate at which the hab loses temperature when the heater is off, everything being much lower than it should be. I guess that for these purposes the set time is used, but the game time is skipped forward 4 times as much, that's why the effect of passing time appears to be less (eg. 1 hour worth of change is applied over 4 hours).

I can confirm there's some kind of huge mismatch. I went to bed at around 0:00 on sol 1, wanting to sleep until dawn, yet I woke up late in the afternoon on sol 4. I decided to measure all the sleeping/waiting times, and this is what I found out:

start duration end
12:30 0.6h 14:50
16:42 1h 19:46
08:20 1h 12:22
01:50 2h 09:50
15:10 3h 02:27
03:15 3h 15:12
15:53 4h 07:08

It seems to be somewhat random and is not exactly a 4x difference, but it comes close.

Possibly related, how long are radiation storms supposed to last? I'm stuck in one that's been raging for 3 sols straight. Now I don't care much about long dust storms, since you can explore anyway although you have to be a bit more careful, but I'm not looking forward to dying from radiation poisoning and staying inside the habitat for forever gets boring.


Yeah, this was a major oversight from the previous update. I've got a fix that's coming soon.