Datapad causing static noise

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

When the datapad is up while on EVA, a low, cyclic static / crackling noise can be heard constantly. It does not happen when inside a habitat (no idea about tents).

Well, I mean its mars. The high radioactivity may damage electrical objects. And sure, in the habitat it does appear to block it of. You can take Chernobyl as example; they were going in there with a video camera. They came out with almost useless footage due to the high radioactivity not directly breaking, but while the time exposed to the radioactivity it completley gets interrupted by it.
[Edit]: So, it's not your headset/PC/laptop, etc.

Tyler made some research before creating this game. ^^


This is intended as a feedback loop from the proximity of your datapad to your helmet, so it doesn't happen when your helmet is off in the habitat, but I agree that it is currently too loud.

I had a suspicion that it might be intentional, but it also sounded very much like those odd audio artifacts that render engines may produce at times due to some weird frame / memory access timing, and which are really annoying to hear for a longer period of time.