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LP causes laptop to overheat

darker99 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

I recently started my first playthrough since last September, and I suddenly started having huge problems with my laptop overheating (I had some problems with the older version, but nothing as bad as this).

Now, I know my laptop has heating problems, but few are as bad as with Lacuna Passage. I'm basically forced to run LP on integrated graphics, since as soon as I switch to dedicated, the temperature keeps rising until an emergency power-off happens, irrespective of the graphics settings used (to make matters worse, alt-tabbing keeps LP updating graphics at 100% GPU so I can't use that to cool down temporarily). As said, I have more heating problems, but I can nevertheless run modern games with much more complicated graphics like Witcher 3, AC Origins, Kingdom Come Deliverance etc. without ever suffering an emergency power-off.

This is not a very helpful bug report, I know, since I unfortunately can't provide you with a lot of details as to where exactly it goes wrong. I nevertheless hope you can somehow pinpoint where the problem is and fix or optimise it, as I suffer a below-20 framerate on my integrated card. Perhaps an option to limit FPS would be a workaround?

OS: Windows 10 64 bit (until you release a Linux version)
GFX card: Radeon R9 m265x

Under review

That is unfortunate. You are the first to report this kind of issue. Most have actually said that the game performs relatively well on their hardware. One of the downsides of being a solo developer is that I don't have many resources to dedicate to improving performance. There may be some very specific issue with your hardware configuration that would be very difficult for me to pinpoint. Sorry you are having this issue, but at this time I'm not sure what more I can do besides making regular optimization improvements over time. Thank you for reporting.

Well, the *performance* is pretty good indeed. While my hardware struggles on many other games, with LP I get pretty good framerates. Which is why it's even more of an annoyance, and an even stranger issue; I could understand if it overheated when working hard, but this game should be a walk in the park.

Although I'm an experienced programmer, I know little about graphics so I haven't really got an idea what could be the problem either. Perhaps for some reason it runs other instructions when it's supposed to idle? It's also worth noting that when I run it on my integrated chip, the temperature barely exceeds 60 degrees, even though it constantly runs at 100% usage. That suggests it could indeed be a hardware-specific issue.

You use Unity, right? I remember Unity had a bug a while ago that caused graphics to update all the time, as opposed to only when necessary. Although it might have been an editor-only or even a Linux-only problem, at the time it caused my laptop to get pretty hot too. Perhaps updating Unity to the latest version would fix things?

I know how hard solving these issues is, so I can fully understand if you're not able to fix it. At least now you're aware, for if you run into something that may cause this.

I think I'm only a minor patch or two behind in updating Unity, but I will definitely keep my eye out for a solution. Thanks again.