Full water tanks but no water available

norritt 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

This report addresses the issue I already posted here in the steam forums. I assume that it is useful to have the report here as well for tracking purposes.

Basically what happens is that in one of my habitats the water reclaimer shows "full tanks" while the reoxygenator complains, that it lacks water for oxygen production. Also no drinking water is available. Screenshots illustrating the issue can be found in my steam post linked above.

In my case habitat alpha works fine the problem only occurrs in habitat beta. Others however have reported all habitats being affected.

I attached my savegame for better reproducability. Please not that my character is located at the working habitat to not die of dehydration. To observe the defective habitat you need to walk over to location beta which should be marked on the map.



Thanks for reporting this. There was a problem with the water inventory generation going negative due to a bug with the new water freezing mechanic. It will be fixed with the next update and your current save file should be playable again.

This still seems to behave oddly in 0.63.2. Since I'm not sure which parts are intended, I describe the whole situation I observed.

I found Hab Beta, did some repairs and started up all systems, then checked status. Temp was below zero, reoxy reported water deprived, water reclaimer showed [100%] with no liters value. I switched off the reclaimer, removed then replaced the tanks, but did not turn it back on. At this point, the hab status screen showed [0%] 0.0L. Then I turned the reclaimer back on, and it's status went back to [100%] (no liters value) again. Hab temp was still likely below zero at this time, I did not wait to see what happens when it goes above zero.

Under review

I'll take a look at this, thanks.


I think I may have gotten this fixed, but I don't want to spend much time on it since I'll be redoing that hab status screen in the future anyway.