Accessing inventory when container screen open closes datapad

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 8

When trying to open (switch to) the "normal" inventory screen by pressing "i" while interacting with a storage area in the habs (but likely any container), the datapad just goes to the home screen then gets lowered instead of switching to inventory. However, accessing any other screen than inventory in the same situation correctly switches to the selected screen, and not closes the datapad.

This is an annoyance especially when you take food out of storage then try to go to the inventory screen to eat it, since you first have to wait for the datapad to get lowered then bring it back up by pressing "i" a second time before you can actually do that.


Yeah, looks like this is unintended since the same basic code is used for inventory and storage. So the datapad is treating it like the inventory screen is already opened, which would normally close the datapad. I can get a fix for this.


This should be fixed for the next update.

This issue is, umm, partially fixed? :)

The datapad does switch to the inventory screen now, but then still closes itself, plus now a number of other things are broken with the datapad:

  • Once the datapad closed in the above situation, LMB will be ineffective until the datapad is reopened with any hotkey then closed properly.
  • When switching from one datapad screen to any other via it's hotkey (or even switching away from the hab status or crafting/salvaging terminal screens via a datapad screen hotkey), the datapad again gets closed and LMB gets locked the same way.
  • When using the default RMB to close the datapad from any screen (including hab / sytem terminals, etc), LMB gets locked the same way.
  • Once the datapad is lowered and LMB is locked due to the aboce issues, the control scheme also appears to get stuck in datapad mode instead of switching back to character mode.

I think I found the issue. It think it was partly fixed and then the addition of the pickaxe as a useable "weapon" screwed it up again. I'm working on it. Sorry, there are lots of little edge case things that I don't catch sometimes. Especially when I don't play the same way as other people. I rarely use the datapad hotkeys when I play. I know, that sounds kind of silly, but I guess I'm just trained to always hit the datapad key and then navigate to the apps on the home screen. So I don't catch things like this. Thanks.

You mentioned on Steam that the additional issues have been fixed (I'm assuming in 0.64p1), but they are not, this still happens the same way as described above.

The only change I've seen over 0.64 is that the pickaxe no longer appears on its own when it shouldn't.

Maybe it would deseve its own topic, but it first appeared to be related to the storage vs. inventory issue in the OP, since the datapad still gets closed in that situation (only now it also closes in any other situation too).


Yes, sorry. Your comment with the added descriptions got lost in my email inbox and so I haven't addressed those issues yet. I will try to cover them today with another patch soon.


I've got this fixed now. Will be in the next update.

This should be fixed in the next update.