Give your suggestions for gameplay tips to display on the loading screen

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago updated by Mr. Fusion 2 years ago 54

I've added tips that will display during the black loading screen that appears while entering or leaving a habitat. Suggest some tips that would be good to display at that time in a comment below and I can add them to the game.


Installing electrical components like fuses or wires while the power is still turned on to an exterior life support module can cause the installed component to suffer a critical failure and immediately break. 

Water can be consumed while in your suit during an EVA, but food items must be consumed inside a habitat or emergency pop tent.

Maybe the word "emergency" could be left out of this, since Outposts also have pop tents, but they are not necessarily deployed due to an emergency. Since the player craftable item is, I think, called "Emergency Pop Tent", this might give the impression that you can eat only in that, if the hint is taken too literally.

The range at which you can detect important objects with your suit's scanner is increased if there is an active Waypoint Station nearby.

Navigational systems require a connection to a nearby active Waypoint Station. Dust storm intensity affects the distance at which you can receive the navigation connection as well.

Broken components can be salvaged for reclaimed crafting materials.

Sleep in a habitat bunk or an emergency pop tent to save your progress.

Maybe this could be extended to also mention that it is possible to set 0 rest time to just save progress without also advancing the in game time, but obviously not recovering any exhaustion when doing so either, since it's not entirely intuitive that you can "sleep" for no amount of time.

Attempting to explore during a dust storm will cause you to consume more calories and become dehydrated more quickly.

Use PRTs to transport large quantities of equipment between habitats quickly.

Maybe this would be better as "Use the PRT to transport..." as there's only one in the game.

Nevermind. As it turns out, there are (can be?) at least two of them. Apparently I failed to find the second one the last time.

Yes, very rare, but possible to have two.

When power reserves are low, turning off certain exterior life support modules intermittently can mean the difference between life and death.

Items that are dropped during an EVA will be lost if you travel too far away or if you enter and exit a habitat.

Equipping a PRT with an RTG will cause it to recharge its battery while not in use.

Take photos of important locations that you want to find again later and use the "Place Objective" button from the Photo App to mark it on your map.

Photos you take are saved to a special folder on your computer. Access the folder with the "Photos" selection in the "Options" menu screen.

You can craft items only after you have found a crafting plan for the item you want to craft or after you have salvaged one of that item to learn the crafting plan.

Crafting and salvaging will be disabled in a habitat when there is no power available.

Equipping a portable solar panel while on an EVA will reduce the speed at which your battery drains.

An equipped portable solar panel will remain outside when you enter an emergency pop tent and continue to charge your suit battery.

"Charge" is not the right word here as the portable panel no longer charges, only slows drain. Unless it behaves differently in his specific case.

If your habitat reserve battery reaches full charge while you are inside it will then begin charging your suit battery directly.

Lack of sleep will cause you to have less stamina for running and jumping.

The primary mission area is bordered by dangerous zones of radiation. Prolonged exposure in these border zones will result in death.

Occasional radiation storms may appear. It is advised to take shelter in a habitat until the danger has passed.

The word "appear" sounds odd here. "Occasionally radiation storms may occur." as first sentence, maybe?

Extend your exploration range by using charged backup batteries and oxygen filled canisters. However, these items have a failure chance on each use.

Various mission supplies can be found in caches around the map. Use your scanner to identify them from a distance.