V0.64​ Update Bug

longtribe 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 13

I found a bug in V0.64 Update   I found the second habitat beta and i went to sleep in a bed and left the game next day i came back to the game and loaded my save and I had a pickaxe equipped but I never found a pickaxe it's nothing major and I'm still able to play on my save It's just a little bug and I hope this helps you Lacuna Passage is a awesome game

Under review

Thanks for the report. Does your current save file still have this issue? If so, please access it and attach it here for me to look at. You can use these instructions to locate the save file: https://lacunapassage.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/2/articles/210-retrieving-your-game-save-file

When I notice the bug I went to the main menu to report it and when I came back to my save the bug was gone do you still want my save file

If it happens every time you load the same save file then that's the save file you should attach. Since you said it happened after a load then I would expect it to happen each time. Just quit when you see it happen and then copy the save file so you can send it to me. After that you can resume your game.


I think this is what you need.  But the bug is random,

Yeah, I can't get it to happen with that save file you sent, so obviously there is something weird going on that is hard to replicate. I'll keep an eye on this.

I just encountered this issue too, also after I saved in Hab Beta for the first time. After I reloaded the save, the pickaxe started to appear under certain conditions:

  1. After game load it's not visible.
  2. Opening the datapad with any other hotkey than "E" then closing it with the same hotkey causes the pickaxe to appear.
  3. Hitting any datapad hotkey (when the datapad is down and the pickaxe is up) causes the pickaxe to go away, but the datapad not coming up. In this state LMB is ineffective, nothing can be interacted with.
  4. Hitting any datapad hotkey (other than "E", which breaks the cycle) when the pickaxe is not visible makes the datapad come up. Putting the datapad away with the same hotkey again causes the pickaxe to reappear.

Basically, this is what happens: datapad down -> hit hotkey -> datapad up -> hit hotkey -> datapad down, pickaxe up -> hit hotkey -> pickaxe down -> hit hotkey -> datapad up -> and so on.

Hitting Esc when the pickaxe is up, or using the "E" key to bring up or close the datapad breaks this cycle and from then ot the pickaxe will never appear again.

On a related note: I don't think I've seen a specific key or other control for taking out / putting away the pickaxe, so how is it supposed to work to begin with? I've also not seen any indication or access method of the sample holder slots on the character nor anywhere in the hab interiors.

If you are outdoors with a pickaxe in your inventory you can equip it from your inventory screen. With it equipped you can left click to collect a sample from the terrain or a rock. That sample becomes an item in your inventory. There will be a max of 5 of these unique sample items that you can hold. You can also deposit a max of 5 samples in each habitat storage. Pressing the datapad key or one of the cancel keys you have mapped in your controls will unequip the pickaxe.

These bugs were somewhat expected since I made a pretty big change to the datapad code that would allow me to have more equippable items that work in a similar fashion to the datapad. The datapad itself was modified "weapon" code that was restricted to use that as your only "weapon". Now I'm adding in more "weapons" like the pickaxe and it is causing a few growing pains in the code. It will take a little while to get it sorted out, but these reproduction steps are very helpful. Thanks.

One thing that I never explicitly mentioned is that all this is happening without having a pickaxe equipped, or even being in the inventory or anywhere else (as I haven't found one yet). It just started to appear on its own all of a sudden.

Yeah, I'll get this figured out soon. Thanks.

Sorry I haven't responded I haven't had Wi-Fi for the last few days I have no idea what happened with my Wi-Fi but its working again is there anything else you need

I'm working on it. If you run into the issue again though look at Mr. Fusions notes on how to fix it so you can continue playing.


I think I've got this fixed. I know it's annoying for several new players so I'll try to get a quick patch out soon.