"Blank" broken component slot

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 12

I found an initially broken component slot which behaves as if it didn't exist at all, mirroring the component slot that was interacted with previously instead of showing its own condition.

The issue is demonstrated in this save: blank_component_slot_save.zip

  • Exit the habitat you are currently in and go to the Reoxygenator.
  • Interact with the status screen and notice that "Hose slot 2" is marked as broken.
  • Open the maintenance panel and interact with "Hose slot 2" (the top one).
  • You will get a "blank" component state screen with the buttons moved somewhat up from the bottom, and the upper half, where the component name and state should be, being empty.
  • Close this screen and interact with any other component slot, then interact with Hose slot 2 again.
  • At this point you should see whatever you've interacted with previously, instead of Hose slot 2.

This slot was initially broken, so it may be related to that. I don't think I've seen this issue with any other broken slot I've came across so far in this playthrough.

In case it's save dependand, you can use this save to try to reproduce the pickaxe issue too, I've noticed it first when I continued the game from this save.


Found and fixed the issue. Was related to when I added the ability to salvage broken components.

I probably should've asked/mentioned this earlier, but it somehow got lost along the way.

Was/is this some kind of global issue that could be addressed with a one time fix that should resolve all possible instances, or something related to the individual component slots themselves needing a local fix? Since the original report (but still in 0.64p1) I found at least one more slot that had the same issue, at a different location, hab system and slot type. So if it was something specific to the slot in the original report, it may be worth checking all systems / slots across all 9 habs to ensure neither of them has this issue.

This should be a game-wide fix once the update goes live for 0.64.1. If you run into something similar after the update then it would be a new and separate bug.

Sadly it doesn't appear to be fixed in 0.64.1, I'm getting the exact same behaviour as before; initilally broken slots are mirroring the last good slot I've interacted with (if any).


Is there a new save file you could provide that would demonstrate this issue? The original save file you posted no longer exhibits the behavior you described so I must have fixed that specific instance the issue. If it's still happening then it must be a similar but unrelated issue I need to address.

In the 0.64.1 save I've encountered this I've fixed the slots already, however, I think I may have found the reason why you no longer saw this.

Apparently the slots are bugged only until the system is powered on for the very first time, at which point any affected slot gets somehow fixed and behave as expected. This also means that it may be difficult to provide a save, since you need an online hab to be able to save, but at that point the systems will have been turned on, fixing the issue (ok, if you get a first hab with oxygen supply, you only need to fix the heater to be able to get the helmet off and be able to save).

What you need to do is keep starting new games and checking the systems condition of Hab Alpha before turning them on. Two out of two tries I got at least one bugged slot (oddly enough, in both cases it was a tank slot on the reoxygenator) so I doubt you'd need to spend an excessive amount of time with starting new games to get a test case.

It's also possible that it only affects certain kinds of slots for some reason. For example, two out of two tries I got broken fuse slots with fuse in them, and they did not have this issue. I think I've seen it on tanks and hoses almost certainly, and maybe on a circuit board once.

Is it possible for you to redownload the save file you attached to this post and check if you still get the bug if you follow your own steps? If not that's fine. I do plan to restart the game several times to double check on my own.

I loaded the save in the opening post into 0.64.1 and the indicated slot no longer showed the issue. However, see the new example saves I just posetd made in 0.64.1.

I made a few new saves afterall.

Electrical wire 3 and 5 are bugged: component_slot_issue_1_save.zip
Electrical wire 5 and Reoxy hose 1 are bugged: component_slot_issue_2_save.zip

Additionally, I also got bugged tank slots as I mentioned above, before I realized that turning the system on makes the issue go away so I couldn't save with those. So at least these slots appear to be affected. I never saw broken fuse slots being affected.


Much appreciated. Got it pinpointed and fixed for the next update.