Not a bug

PRT storage door has a blue HUD icon

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

The storage door of the PRT  shows up as a blue HUD icon on the scanner, same as the secondary caches. Since the PRT itself has a distinct HUD icon of its own, having a second icon, especially one that is used for something else, seems superfluous.

Not a bug

The only reason I did that was to ensure that new players check that back door to see that it is capable of storing items. Otherwise they might go straight to driving it and assume that it's just a vehicle and nothing else. I know the interaction label pops up if you walk past the back door too, but some still might miss that. From a minimalism aspect I kind of agree with you, but I'd rather just be overly obvious for new players just to be safe.