Some lines of the vitals screen appear off sync from the rest

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

The middle line of the Hydration category appears to be "ahead" of the other two, being yellower than it should be compared to the first and third line, while the middle line of the Exhaustion category is "behind" the other two, being greener than what would be in line with the other two. It may worth noting that at the time I've observed this, hydration was in a better overall state (more green) than exhaustion (more yellow).

It's a bit as if the middle line of Hydration is actually affected by the exhaustion level, and the middle line of Exhaustion is affected by the hydration level.

Is it intentional, those properties being connected on some level and thus not quite following the general behaviour of the category they are in (which, however, somewhat breaks the flow/logic of how the vitals screen as a whole works, changes propagating from top to bottom within the categories), or maybe the display is linked to the wrong variables?


There are some interlinked properties there on the vitals screen. The intent is to show a holistic overview of current player health and to have some variability to stats so that they are not just a literal health bar. Basically, from a very simple biology level the stats listed under each category are most related to that category, but each individual stat is linked to other things like dehydration or starvation as they would be in an actual human. If it just went straight from top to bottom in color changing and severity then at that point it's pretty much just a health bar by a different name. I'd like it if players saw that information and thought about how each real metric would be something an actual astronaut might need to monitor and carefully consider when planning their diet. As with many things in the game, the idea is to allude to the reality of something without getting bogged down in the details. At the end of the day, it's still "Lots of orange/red = Bad", but it's presented in a way to hopefully inspire a form of role-playing.


I suspected something like this, that's why it was more of a question. The "misbehaving" line in exhaustion, for example, is blood pressure, which I'm sure is affected by hydration to a notable degree, so it appearing to be influenced by the hydration state in the game too does make sense.