"Stuck" PRT should stay stuck

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

I tried to find the topic where it was mentioned but I couldn't, so I can only rely on my (occasionally spotty) memory on this, but as I recall, it is possible to get the PRT flipped upside down onto its side (and if it's not possible, then maybe it should be made possible instead of the PRT behaving like a gecko, sticking to and climbing up on all surfaces, so that under extreme circumstances such as trying to drive up too steep slopes, jumping off cliffs etc. it does keel over / flip), in which case it somehow gets "automagically" restored to upright position as there is no mechanism for the player to actively flip it back. It was agreed that this is not an ideal solution but a "hack" that is necessary to restore the functionality of the PRT in such cases.

However, is it really necessary?

The PRT is not essential to gameplay, only a convenience. It's also a "resource" the player should manage carefully, or bear the consequences. If a hab system component breaks because the player didn't maintain it properly, the game doesn't hand them a new component to negate their mistake. So likewise, if the player chose to drive recklessly and ends up flipping the PRT on its back or getting it stuck in any other manner, the game should not correct that mistake either. One thing that needs to be ensured that the player can always get out of a stuck PRT regardess of its position, and access its storage so that items stored in it don't become effectively lost.

If you want to give the player a second chance on using a PRT even after having made such a mistake, the best way to do it would probably be to always place two in the game: one at Hab Gamma and another one at a (larger selection of) random location. That way if the player loses the first one, they still have the option to go and find the other one and use that from then on, being more careful about it this time.

One considerable impact of having two (not stuck) PRTs in the game is that the player can park both next to a hab and use them as double external item storage, and what's probably even more of a potential issue is that there will be two that can be used as auxiliary batteries to deal with storm related power shortages which may make such situations easier than intended (although finding an RTG has a similar effect, finding more than one even more so, and that's also a possibility).

As I understand (and has actually happened to me in my current game), you can end up with two PRTs as it is now; one is guaranteed at Hab Gamma and one may or may not be placed somewhere else too. So having two guaranteed instead would only be a partial change over this, and in return, a less than ideal bandaid solution could be removed, and some aditional emergent gameplay would be added ("Great, I flipped the PRT, now I need to walk about the old fashioned way to see if I can find another.")