Habitat Suggestions

Altimos 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Re-posted from an earlier mass post, separated for easier following/planning/etc...

First, I would like to suggest that the airlock have some cabinets and slots for tanks.


Currently, the airlock has empty lockers that is not functional (I'm guessing as of right now). If there is a plan to work with this area, that is cool. I'm only suggesting it, because I've pretty much scavenged perhaps 90% of the land and I'm running out of places to store stuff. Like seriously, both habitats are packed with materials and food (more of the former than latter), and my person is encumbered all the time.


Second, I would like to suggest being able to run inside your habitat.


Slow... so slow, especially moving between your materials and crafting station. In the Navy, I was stuck inside the belly of the ship as an engineer and was able to move from one side of the engine room to the other in less than a minute. Yes, it was because I was very familiar with the space... but so should the astronaut XD


Third, survival beyond SOL 40 or 50...


I know I'm not there yet, but you can say I'm getting close. Eventually, I WILL run out of food. Is there plans to create bigger pop tents used for cultivating food like potatoes, beans, and the like? Kind of like in the movie "The Martian"? I like the prospect of being able to sustain myself, especially since I've explored the entire map.


Finally, habitats have wheels?


Could this be an indication of being able to move the habitats closer together? If being able to cultivate your own food, and possibly gearing up for a long haul of survival until the powers that be back home send help, you'll have to work on securing an area all for yourself. It would be a slow, painstaking, and resource driven process to move the habitat closure to another. It would require extra battery packs for your PRT, it'll probably take several charges, a day to tear all the equipment down and store it on the sides of the habitat and planning a route that won't cause you to go down or up a steep hill and over large rocks.


It's just a thought XD

Airlock storage was brough up quite some time ago, I think it got onto the "low priority todo list", so to speak.

Even with the current finite food supply, it's perfectly possible to go on for 100+ sols. A sustainable food source of some kind make sense only if there are other long term goals to support such long term play with some goal other than "for how long can I skip time ahead by resting 20 out of 24 hours"?

I see no point whatsoever in moving the habitats. It's not like there are fixed position natural resources or anything you want to be close to, and having more habs next to one another provides zero benefits. Not to mention the fact that the habs are supplied by external systems, so if they are moved, they will be left without power, water, oxygen and heating. They have wheels most likely so that after they were power landed to the approximate target location, they could be rolled around a bit to the locally best suited spot before getting anchored and the support systems permanently installed around them.

Hmm... I beg to differ on moving the habitats. We are getting a pickaxe, we don't know what the developers will have in store besides mining rock piles.

Storage addressed before, but put on the low priority. Well, that's good... as long as something was stated about it before and will hopefully be looked at again for future updates... so no worries there. But it was good to make the suggestion XD

I wouldn't say zero benefits. I think long term wise beyon 100 or 200 SOL. We're talking a game of survival and waiting for rescue... that could take 1000+ SOLs. Hopefully the game is being developed in mind for overall survival, not just, "oh, I finished surveying the entire map and acquired all the lootable boxes with resources to help me survive until all that runs out..."

I think employing some form a logistics like tactically thinking of how I want to position all my resources for better usage of them.

And I know I've mentioned this before, but I think keeping your habs running provides a suitable amount of electricity and air storage. One hab is certainly difficult to manage, if your refilling tanks and batteries for long excursions, especially since the storage on your hab also has a limit.

I wouldn't rule it out any of my suggests, they do carry some merit.

AND counting all my food after exploring everything, if I maintain a 1200 calorie diet... I might be able to get to SOL 80 before I have no more food left. I guess maybe you got better drops for food than I did?

But thanks for your feedback on my suggestions. I'm sure Tyler will have some questions as well :)