PRT Suggestions

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Re-posted from an earlier mass post, separated for easier following/planning/etc...

First, it's certainly NOT a workhorse...


I'm not sure why it is that I can carry more than my PRT, even when I'm NOT encumbered? Carrying while encumbered is at 75Kg and my PRT is static at 40Kg. I damn near broke a keyboard because I'm trying to transfer 5 filled air tanks and it kept telling me there's no room. I don't feel like calculating, I'm in a hurry, traveling long distances to find some supply crates when I'm already encumbered and PRT is damn near packed, and all I want to do is get to my habitat and eat/drink/sleep... I also think it take too long telling me that there's no more room, like 5 seconds. It would be nice if it can could hold 80Kg and can be upgraded... which brings me to my second suggestion...


Second, upgradable PRT...


Your PRT is certainly useful, probably the MOST useful asset you acquire... whenever that was for you (SOL 16 for me). But it's so bare bone and limited in its ability to store items. If anything, 80Kg would be nice for capacity, with the possibility of being upgraded to hold another 80Kg (20Kg bags on either side of the PRT, and an extra 40Kg box/bag on top) and all accessible from the back door. In the movie "The Martian," good old Matt the Martian astronaut was able to modify is PRT/rover and I think it would be a wonderful implementation, if possible.


The biggest suggestion I could possibly make for the ability to place solar panels. If you'd implement being able to put things on your PRT (like bags on sides, or box/bag on top), then certainly they can be used to power charge your PRT. So, it would be up to the player on what they want to install. Maybe bags on both sides of the PRT (where you can put 1 small solar panel on each side) and leaving the top for a one large solar panel, providing power to charge your PRT batteries, just like it would to a habitat?


So, configurations would be like this

PRT - Empty - 80Kg Total Weight Limit (Going from the 40Kg you set to perhaps my suggested 80Kg)

PRT - Two Side Bags (One Left and One Right) - Total 120Kg Weight Limit (80 main and 20 per side)

PRT - Two Side Bags and One Top Box/Bag) - Total 160Kg Weight Limit (80 main, 20 per side, 40 on top)


PRT - Two Small Solar Panels (One left side, One Right Side) - Supplies a total of 60 power to battery

PRT – One Large Solar Panel (On Top) – Supplies a total of 50 power to battery


So, essentially, you can have the side bags and a large solar panel on top… or have a small solar panel on either side of your PRT and a box/bag on top. Obviously, you cannot have two different components occupying the same space.


Third, PRT maneuverability...


I'm sure you're working on it, I just wanted to point out that dodging rocks isn't 100% guaranteed. There have been many occasions where I had to ALT+F4 out of the game and start all over again from the last save point because I got stuck on a rock and the game wouldn't let me hit "B" to get out of the PRT... effectively causing me to be stuck. And going up inclines are very troublesome. If I made sure I was going the same speed, I could have gotten over this one hill... but stupid me leaned over to fart, taking my finger off the go key and ended up slowing down. When I got to the top of the hill, I pushed the go key again... but couldn't get over the lip... stared at the sky for a good 4 minutes with the PRT still sounding like it was grudgingly moving forward but wasn't. Maybe also an auto drive feature like the auto walk. I didn't really fart, by the way (just making you smile during this long drawn out mess I’m writing) XD


Finally, hooking the PRT up…


Not like you think, no tricking it out with flames/spoilers and what
not… I’m talking about being able to hook your PRT up to your habitat. If by
chance, you do decide to implement my suggestion for moving habitats, you’ll
have to use the PRT to pull the habitat. If you don’t want to move habitats, at
least allow for hooking up the PRT to the habitat for the ability to slowly
charge over time. What I’m really getting at, is it is overly painful to have
to continue to charge batteries and walk over and fill up my PRT. I know this
is supposed to be a tedious game bent around survival… but it does take the fun
out of playing the game.