Aesthetics Suggestion

Altimos 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

Re-posted from an earlier mass post, separated for easier following/planning/etc...

Visually it is good… but it could be better. Mostly in the scenery at night. When I was in the Navy and aboard ship, out in the middle of the pacific, at night, where there was no light pollution… the scenery was breathtaking. It was the single most beautiful scene I’ve ever laid eyes on.


Picture this… Out there at night, our lights were off running dark as any Navy ship does. The water was not moving save for slight ripples as we rolled through at less than 5 knots… No cloud in the sky, the mirror finish water was reflecting the entire night sky… it was if our ship was sailing through space itself. Space, that was a beauty all in itself… It wasn’t black with white dots and a whiteish milky way (which mind you, was 5 times bigger then the one you put in the game), but there was hints of slight pinkish/blueish hues and other soft cool colors mixed in… but you can tell it was accented in with the white stars... as if they were airbrushed slightly in by some all-powerful creator or whatnot… it was certainly awe inspiring (I'm sure you already know this as making a space survival game certainly means you have knowledge in that area, but there are different colored stars up in the night sky, depending on their size/life-cycle). I think if you upgraded the night sky, it would certainly give the player pause and have some eye-gasm every time it turns night XD


And I'm not knocking what you've done with the night sky... but with all that you've done with the game so far, the space scenery feels bland...