No pickaxe - why?

Ruruwawa 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

I've been searching for a pickaxe for the last 25 real-life hours of play.  In my last sandbox I searched the entire map twice.  It's certainly possible I missed a spot, but I don't think so.  I did a search right around the radioactive boundaries of the map, as well as a systematic--and repeated--search of the interior with 16 waystats enabled.  No pickaxe.  So I deleted the sandbox... and started over.

I'm in the process of repeating that crazy search in the fresh game, with the same results.  But I'm losing heart, tbh.  I'm far from convinced that pickaxe is currently available in new games.

Is this a bug?  Is the pickaxe hidden in an unusual spot not indicated on the scanner?  Hiding in plain site, somewhere?

Or is it intentionally so rare that it doesn't appear in every game?  if so, why?  Logically I'd think rock sampling would be such a common activity that I'd find a pick in every hab, and another on every deceased astronaut.  But much more importantly, the Research system is locked behind finding that pickaxe.  Why tie the availability of a gameplay system to RNG?

Under review

Yeah, this appears to be an oversight on my part. The pickaxe is randomized, but there is supposed to be a "failsafe" of sorts that makes sure you find one within a certain amount of game time. It appears that this failsafe is not operating properly and I will need to get a fix for the next update. Thanks for calling this to my attention.

Thanks for looking into it Tyler.


If you start a new game after the next update it will force a pickaxe to spawn in Hab Beta. I will look into revising this to work more closely to the way I described above, where it would still be semi-random, but for now this will ensure that the game mechanic is not locked behind RNG.