Equipped pickaxe makes datapad invisible

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

With the pickaxe equipped, trying to bring up the datapad with any hotkey results in the datapad getting activated but not actually appearing, and the pickaxe remaining equpped. If you "open" the inventory screen by hitting "i", you can hear the clicks that accompany the movement of the selection and you can use/drop items all the while the datapad is not visible (and the pickaxe is). Hitting "e" from this state puts away both the invisible datapad and the visible pickaxe, and then the datapad will work correctly. Instead of this, I'd expect the pickaxe to be unequipped and the datapad opened when a datapad hotkey is used.

Equipping the pickaxe then hitting "e" will put the pickaxe away, this likely is the intended way to unequip it.


I'm keeping the functionality of pressing "E" (the default equip datapad key) where it only puts the pickaxe away. However, I've fixed this issue with the hotkeys where it will now put away the pickaxe and immediately open the appropriate app. I think this provides the ability to quickly get to the app you want and also the ability to just put the pickaxe away without opening the datapad at all. Will be in the next update.