Had fun and made a video! Very difficult but not sure what my goal is.

KahMehKahZeh 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

So I made my home then abandoned it to go to another one, then it seems I just go to another one, is the whole game based on forever finding habitats, or is there a way to grow food expand batteries make vehicles and so forth?

I did not list my video as per the embargo but if the devs would like to see my experience, I managed not to die so far. you can contact me for an unlisted link to view what I did.

I loved playing it so far, I just am curious on story mode and what can be done in survival.

minus some minor bugs I experienced, this game looks fantastic!!


Hi there. Thanks for the kind words. There are two goals with the Survival Sandbox mode. 1) To test many of the primary features that will form the backbone of the Story Mode experience and gather player feedback that may inform the addition of new features. 2) To provide a stand-alone replayable experience separate from the Story Mode that provides more randomization and a greater emphasis on the challenge of survival.

To find out more about what additions I have planned for the Survival Sandbox you can visit our Roadmap page: https://trello.com/b/eT2EJ9uO/lacuna-passage-survival-sandbox-development-roadmap

You will notice that I am planning things like growing food, performing science research, and adding more interactive elements with the potential for vehicles, tools, etc.

Also, I would be glad to check out your video. You can send your unlisted video link to contact[at]randomseedgames[dot]com. Thanks!

You got it as soon as the video finishes its upload I will send it your way, I do not edit any of the content so you will see everything I did from start to finish! (I literally just finished recording when I found the feedback button)

Awesome. I hope you will come back and check the game out on occasion as I update it over the coming weeks/months.

If you ever make any big updates I will always take a relook at the game!, I do my best to keep up but since I review so many games... I become quite forgetful... tho this is the largest effort games I have seen in a LONG time!!

And I send the email but it is still uploading!