Visible daylight inside unpowered habitats

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

As I recall I made a similar suggestion some time ago in the other direction, but this might be a bit "easier" to implement.

One thing that makes the unpowered habs feel "wrong" to me is that there's always pitch black inside (not counting that low red light), even during the day. They have windows, even if relatively small ones, so the interior should receive at least a small amount of external light through them, that changes according to time of day and possibly storm density if any.

And the reason I said "easier" is that it might be possible to pull this off by a combination of ambient light and with the use of light sources similar to the one giving the faint red illumination, placed to where the two side windows and the airlock portholes are located. (For the best results, the windows themselves should also appear to be bright, which then essentially becomes the same problem as making them appear lit from the outside during the night when the hab is powered up.)