Photo waypoints not at terrain level

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

Sometimes when setting a waypoint from a photo, the waypoint will turn out to be placed above or below the local terrain level by about 100 meters. As in, when you are standing at the exact location of the marker, the compass marker still shows a distance of 98-100 meters to it.

It doesn't always happen and I couldn't really recognize any specific circumstance that causes a waypoint to behave like this.


Thanks. I'll take a look.

I have a suspicion about what might be causing this. I think I set that specific waypoint where I observed this the last time while I was still inside a habitat (there was a radiation storm so I wanted to minimize the time spent outside, thus I checked the photo locations before exiting to see where is the one I was thinking of going to, then left that waypoint active as exited) , while I usually set photo waypoints when already outside. That would explain why I saw this rather infrequently, and even makes some sense since you are on a different map while inside, and I could see that interfering with a location information that is not tied to an actual world object, such as a habitat, when placing its marker on another map (the exterior one).

This is just a theory for now, I'll try to do some experimenting soon as time permits, just thought I mention it for the time  being.

So, I was more or less right. The photo based waypoints break when set while inside a habitat, but only when this is the first ever waypoint you set in that game session. Once you have set something else, photo waypoints will behave correctly regardless of where you are when setting one. Reproduction:

  1. Start the game and load a save (important part, do not just test on a game session already in progress, save, quit and continue if need to).
  2. Exit the hab you are in and take a photo a little ways away from it (doesn't have to be far, 20-30 meters is fine, a short distance helps immediately seeing the incorrect placement).
  3. Enter the hab and save.
  4. Exit to the main menu (or quit completely, but main menu is enough).
  5. Continue the save.
  6. While inside the hab, set the photo you've just taken as waypoint.
  7. Exit the hab (if you have made the photo close to the exit, you'll notice that it's now suddenly +100 meters away) and follow the waypoint. When you have arrived, it will still show a distance of approximately 100 meters.
  8. This specific photo waypoint will remain incorrect even when setting another and then this one again, as long as you don't make another interior/exterior transition with this or another waypoint selected. After that, all waypoints will behave correctly in this game session.

Thanks for the steps to reproduce this issue. This was related to the previous code using the height of objective locations in the calculation of distance to objectives. This was ultimately unnecessary since the game does not take altitude into account for displaying location. Now it will only compare player's lat and long to objective's lat and long so that height differences caused by player positioning (inside of habitats for example) will not cause this display issue. Fix will be in the next update.