What's the shortest possible radiation storm?

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

I just had a radiation storm which, I think, didn't even last a whole sol (I'm not quite sure about the exact length, I think it was somewhere around 14-20 hours, maybe), so I was wondering if this is within the intended range or something may be off and should be looked at?

I know I had longer ones, but this one was surprisingly short.


Yeah, the range of possible storm lengths is fairly large. Looks you got one of the shortest possible ones. I may lengthen them a bit again now that they are only active during the day.

Maybe it's still worth taking a look, since my second radiation storm in my current playthrough (0.64.2p1) was pretty much the same lenght as the first one, again less than a sol, somewhere around 16-18 hours tops. Unless the range is very narrow to begin with, it feels a bit unlikely to get two of the same very short length one after antoher.

I believe the shortest possible is only 12 hours, but the longest is about 3 sols. With a truly random distribution it is entirely possible to have two storms of very similar length back-to-back. Just like flipping a coin multiple times, it's entirely possible to get several heads or tails in a row rather than alternating between them perfectly. Now that radiation storms are not dangerous at night I could revisit the maximum and minimum possible lengths.