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Pickaxe has a blue "highlight" outdoors

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

The orange parts of the pickaxe are receiving a faint dark blue light from somewhere while outdoors. It is only visible when the pickaxe is not in direct sunlight, eg. turning the player character in a direction where she casts a shadow on the pickaxe, and most noticeable along the edges, kind of like faint rim lighting or edge highlight. At night, it is barely visible but still there.

There is a similar highlight indoors, but there its white, which matches the white indoor lighting, so it looks correct there. So I'm guessing this is intentional, only the light source used outdoors for it is set incorrectly.

Under review

It's the light from your blue HUD. For some reason it's affecting the pickaxe visually more than the datapad, but it's not a bug really. It is unintentionally noticeable, so I may try to find a solution in the future.

Maybe repositioning the pickaxe model would reduce how noticeable it is?

When I come to think about it, the current position feels kind of weird, actually, holding the pickaxe at head height. Moving it towards the bottom of the field of view and closer to the center, just slightly offset to the right, could make its position feel more natural and maybe move away from the bulk of the HUD enough to get less of the light reflected?

Yeah, that's certainly one possibility. The positioning and animation of the pickaxe hit are actually more complicated than you might think though, so it's not a quick fix. Low priority right now, but thanks for the feedback.