Suggestion: Restocking suit on entry

PolaricEntropy 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 7

When entering or inside the hab, make it possible to restock your suit without going outside, either by a control panel or some message popping up. Reason for this is that maybe you enter the hab when it's day outside, thus oxygen and battery reserves are full for the hab, but you might want to spend time inside to sleep, craft or eat/drink. You then want to take advantage of the daytime by stocking up the suit so the hab can begin to refill what you've taken, but going in and then outside and going in again is sort of annoying. There have been times where I've not thought about this, went inside, wasted time so it became dark outside, and then when I was ready to leave I accidentally drained my hab of a lot of resources. Most problematic is energy since everything uses that and the suit battery is 1:1 to the hab's battery, so a suit with only 20% energy sucks away 80% of the hab and then it's not long until everything becomes powerless and you can't do a lot.

Or even better just have the hab continue to refill the suit once the reserves are at 100%


I think I'm going to move all suit recharging/refilling to the Habitat Status screen as manual options. I'll try to have it in by launch. I can probably have it recharge/refill your suit if you are inside and the reserves are at 100% as well. Good idea.

Nice! Thanks for considering it :)


There is now a new menu screen that allows you to select how much oxygen and battery you want to "withdraw" from the hab reserves before you leave on an EVA.

I saw, thanks for this and all the other fixes you've put in! :)

Yea, i just died because the electrical failed. When i came into the hab it was working, but failed when i was crafting, so when i finished crafting the reserve power was at 0.5% power and my suit was equally drained, either you an alarm should go off when a system fails so you notice it while crafting or the suit should be filled when it enters, also crafting should stop if the hab drops below 10% power, that way you have enough power to go outside and fix the shit. I couldnt even do that. I died because i crafted untill the lights went out... and then it was all too late.

When you enter the habitat, I think that it should be your responsibility to check that all the systems are working. Getting inside the habitat shouldn't mean you are safe.


I certainly think that there is still room to improve the interior warning system. When you are inside you don't have your helmet hud to provide you warnings like you do when you are outside, so I'm looking into warning lights and other such indicators that could be inside the hab to alert you to low power levels and things like that. Thanks for your feedback.