PRT interaction issues

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Instead of posting these one by one I'll put them in a single post to make it less spammy. :)

The PRT storage behaves as the hab storage used to in respect to pressing the "i" key while the storage is open for transferring items; instead of switching the datapad to inventory view, pressing "i" causes the datapad to go to the home screen and get lowered. The other hotkeys work as expected, switching the datapad to the corresponding screen without lowering it.

The "Inspect PRT" hotspot becomes unresponsive after having received a HUD text message, such as the one about an oxygen canister breaking after use, until the datapad is opened then closed by any hotkey. There was a similar issue a long time ago with these kind of messages which caused all left clickable items to become unresponsive until the datapad was opened then closed. I'm guessing it's the same thing only the fix wasn't applied to the PRT.

The "Inspect PRT" hotspot access range becomes extended to 10-15 meters in most cases after exiting the PRT, and rarely also when exiting a hab the PRT is parked next to. Sometimes hitting Esc to bring up the pause menu, or opening and closing the datapad clears this, and actually using the "Inspect PRT" hotspot from any distance where it's accessible to open the datapad then closing it without doing anything always clears it.

Actually, the second issue might be related to the messages themselves, and not the PRT. I only had the PRT to interact with when I got a "canister broken" message so I noticed with that that it has blocked the left click interaction, but maybe if I had anything else but the PRT to click on, it would've been the same. So it might be worth checking if those messages cause an issue in general, not only with the PRT.

Further oddities regarding the extended Inspect PRT range:

  • It's more likely to happen when the front of the PRT is tilted slightly upwards from horizontal, and almost never happens when it is tilted downwards.
  • When it's in its "extended" state, physically bumping into the front of the PRT (the rollcage around the driving seat) resets the interaction distance to what it normally should be.