Unable to repair Electrical system at Habitat Alpha

Sanginius 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

Run into a problem, whilst I was exploring 4 wires out of the 5 apparently became broken, after removing them i cannot successfully repair the socket, and cannot replace the wire. Also the Socket below the electronic circuit is stuck at 40% and will not repair either, I have tried exiting and restarting the game to no avail, any suggestions? Currently i have absolutely no power income or stored power. I have something like 3 spare charged batteries and havent found any vehicles or the other two habitats.survivalmode.lpsave

Also I was away from base for probably over 24 hours and saved at least once in a pop tent without sleeping. Also have now noticed, NO Mantenance panels can be repaired, well they can be repaired and show the repair taking time, but it doesnt change the percentage health of whatever has been repaired. Meaning this save is now completely corrupted, and a new game looms .

I don't quite understand the "after removing them" part. A broken component cannot be directly removed (the remove option is greyed out and cannot be selected), only maintenance is available, after which the slot becomes empty and a broken component is placed in the inventory automatically.

Unless there is an issue which causes the slots/components to break in a different manner, one that does not disable the remove option as it should, than when they start out in an already broken state.

As suggestions to try to salvage the game: the loss of Electrical means that you can't keep the other systems operational for the night, but you can still generate water and oxygen during the day (they work as long as their own solar panels provide enough power, only they can't charge the battery without Electical). The bigger issue is suit power, since the only way to recharge it is by transferring from the hab reserves. However, using suit power sparingly (scanner only for quick 360 sweeps, minimizing headlight use during the night or not exploring at all at night), a full charge should last about 3 sols (longer if you keep a portable panel equipped during all daylight hours), during which time it should be possible to find at least equipment caches which may contain a few more batteries, but also likely to find another hab (unless you got really unlucky with the locations).

Wires 1,2,4 and 5 were broken,  upon repairing them the broken wires were removed, but the component slots are stuck at 0% and whilst I have replacement wires, replace component is greyed out. Checking other items like fuses, you can remove the fuse or circuit board, but the component slot beneath it whilst it states its repairing, stays at the same percentage. I don't believe i have a portable panel, but i managed to get the blue print for portable panel and pop tent on my excursion, however can they be crafted without power?

Ah, ok, that does sound like something that should not have happened; the question is what caused it to happen in your particular case, since I don't remember anyone ever having mentioned an issue like this, while I do know that players regularily have slots broken and repaired, so an issue that breaks the entire mechanism so thoroughly should've become pretty apparent by now. But since you managed to grab the save file in this broken state, there's hope the developer can dissect it and figure out what may have gone wrong, so not much point in guessing.

Sadly, crafting is not available if electrical is off, so you can't make a new portable panel. However, I don't think I ever had a game in which there wasn't at least one portable panel installed on a hab system panel mount, so there's a good chance you can pick one up from there. But, random being random, there's always the chance of a worst case scenario no one encountered until now, so nothing is guaranteed.


I've discovered the issue here. You were so close to death that the time needed to repair the component would have killed you, but apparently I did not code that mechanic correctly so you were not given any indication or explanation of why it wasn't repairing correctly. The issue is a bit more complicated than that, so for the time being I'm simply removing the health costs associated with repairing when you are very close to death. This means that normal repairs will still incur the small health cost (hunger, thirst, etc), but only if those repairs would not cause your death. You will always be able to repair your equipment without worrying about dying, but you may die very shortly thereafter. This fix will be out soon.

Thanks for this, I had no idea I was as you put it that close to death, I had thought my food and water etc were all topped up, Was I mistaken or had i somehow lost health or something? Because obviously its something I should have been aware of, but I have no idea what I must have missed. Having said that, I havent touched the save just in case it was a bug and not my ignorance causing it.